The Excellence: 4 Steps AIDA Marketing Model – In Business for advertising strategy

Nowadays, new business startups are going to fallen down due to less activity in advertising or Marketing methods. As we all know that the right advertising strategy boost the business to the next level.

For a successful business, you should adopt the right marketing methods.

There is an Excellence Marketing Model For Advertising Strategy name AIDA Marketing Model. We say it AIDA rule of business expansion and Boosting the sales of the business.

In Digital Marketing this rule called Milestone for the Market of digital products in digital sales funnels.

Whats is AIDA Marketing Model

AIDA Marketing Model In Business For Advertising Strategy

AIDA Model is a business model actually it is used in the business advertisement as a strategy. It is the Business boosting Idea. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action and it is the full form of the Aida Principle.

It is a Strategy to grab the new customer and let them buy the product. Product Selling is the Most Focusing term in this model. Because everyone wants to reach out to the customer and sell them their product.

So, If Anybody who follows the AIDA Concept in his business will may become successful and can get more selling results.

You should know about this marketing model since this is a very effective model of marketing and the benefits will show very soon.

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Let’s Explore the AIDA Meaning & Concept—>

Full-Form Of AIDA Is Attention-Interest-Desire-Action. Now Let’s Understand these all terms in simple words. How should you apply this formula of successful marketing?

If you are a business owner you should apply the AIDA model in sales.


It is the first step of this AIDA marketing Model. So, What is About Attention and why is it using here.

If you have decided on your product and have created it. If the formation of your product is completed and it is ready to sell. Now, You have to do marketing for it.

Although, your product is good, until and unless nobody knows about your product no one will buy it.

you should apply for the first term Attention. Let your customer attract to your product do something to attract the customer regarding the product.

Show the features of the product and the benefits of the customer.

Like– If he buys the product he will get some benefits in his life. Always Remember One Thing, that customer’s benefits are more and more important than the features of the product and services.

One’s you create customer’s attention on the product then go to the next step Interest 👉👉👉.


Now, Your customer knows the product you have created. now you should do something for the customer to have Interested in the product.

The customer should be interested in the product without interest nothing is good. So, how can we think, that customers love the product? So, do something that he loves your product and show interest in your product or service.

If the customer loves the product and he has an interest in the product go to the next step Desire 👉👉👉.


Now come to the point your customer knows about your product or services and he is interested in the product or service.

If the above-mentioned steps are done then your customer desires to buy the product or services which are being provided by you. Desire Is the third part of the AIDA Marketing Model.

Now offer the product and service to grab more sales. Give the basic details for buying the product so that he will purchasing.

And also remember one thing that if your product is digital and the purchasing method is digitally then keep the process of purchasing the product simple.

Because sometimes it happens that if the buying process is complicated most of the buyers are not able to buy online.

So keep the buying detail and process ease so that each customer can buy. Otherwise, your efforts for attention, interest, and desire will not be affected for the customer.

now the last step is action but, also the above terms should work then the last step works.


Action is bigger Important steps without these steps every step are unfinished and incomplete. Let the customer take the action and buy the product.

These all things are not the only mouth-to-mouth process. It perhaps maybe, but these all steps for your customers.

You have to only create the product and process to show up your product and services. And it should be so efficient that the customer will buy it.

Summary for AIDA Model:

As we know that the AIDA Approach is only the showing and selling process of any product and services.

In Simple Words AIDA Marketing Model is First attracting the customer to the product, after which the customer shows interest in it, then the customer wishes to buy it, and only then he buys the product or service.

Here is a video in the English Language on AIDA Principle.

Here is a video in the Hindi Language on AIDA Principle.

How to Apply the AIDA Principle For Sales:

When your selling anything to someone your main motive is only grab the benefits and more sales. But if there is no value-added for the customer in your product then your business will not survive for a long time.

So, Keep In mind that you have to add some positive value to things and tell to audience and customers about it. if your able to convince the customer your product won’t take a while time to sold out.

Steps to apply AIDA—>

first, show the feature to attract after this, create the interest towards the product in the customer’s mind. When he is interested in your product then do something which helps to Generate desire to buy.

when he knows about the product and has an interest in it, then he thinks to buy the product. Now it is the point to sell your product. Give the customer a reason to buy the product.


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